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We are Ottawa-based Management Consultants specializing in operational performance improvement and business transformation




30 years management consulting experience with global and niche firms.  Broad experience of transformative change in the private sector, public sector, high-growth middle market, and professional firms.


Where a project involves working closely with IT or other vendors we never forget who our client is – you.

You can depend on us to recommend the most appropriate solution to your needs, irrespective of its source. We provide best advice and help you to implement it.


How do we deliver value in comparison with other management consulting firms? Simple:

  • Senior and experienced consultants who develop practical solutions, faster than junior people with text-book methodologies
  • Fee rates that reflect our low overheads (low marketing expenditure, modest margins)

Some facts about our firm

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We believe in:

  • “Doing the right thing” (as well as “doing things right”) – you get what you need not just what you want

  • No over-engineering of our approaches, our team or our solutions – delivering faster results and better value

  • “Telling it like it is.” If you just want a rubber stamp for your existing thinking, go to Staples or Grand and Toy!

  • “Win or learn” not “win or lose”. If issues arise on a project we work with you to develop a solution together

  • “The art of the possible.” The best solutions are the ones that people understand and can buy into

  • Doing, not just thinking. A good strategy, executed brilliantly outperforms a brilliant strategy averagely executed

This unique combination of values guides the way that we work for you. This is what makes Flare Consulting easy to do business with.

Our President

and Flare’s principal consultant



Alastair specializes in working with clients to deliver sustainable performance improvements through the re-alignment of people, processes and technology, and the effective management of business transformation through projects.

He has substantial experience of helping major clients achieve cost leadership and business advantage through the development and implementation of new operational strategies. As an experienced project and program manager, he is also exceptionally well placed to ensure that the solutions he develops with his clients are practical and implementable not sterile, textbook approaches.

He is also a certified Project Manager, a visiting speaker for the University of Ottawa’s Executive MBA Program and a member of the Advisory Board for an international business.

His experience, both here and internationally, includes work for well-known organizations such as:

  • American Standard
  • Barclays Bank
  • Capital One
  • Fruit of the Loom
  • Shell
  • Government of Canada (ESDC, PWGSC, Health Canada, DND, Justice, Passport, NRCan, EDC)


  • Problem diagnosis, to build a shared understanding of the root causes of issues affecting performance
  • The development of robust, practical operational strategies to turn ideas into action
  • Implementation of transformational change – he is a certified Project Manager (ISEB)

Background Career Experience

From an original background in software development, Alastair has since held senior positions with Deloitte Consulting and Ernst & Young Management Consultants and a smaller, niche business and technology consultancy which specialized in financial services.

His roles have included responsibilities for sales and business development, client management, product and service development, project delivery, coaching and mentoring.

He brings over 30 years experience to bear on client problems and has a reputation for practicality, objectivity and integrity.


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What People Say

  • I hired Alastair for his first consulting position at Touche Ross (now Deloitte). He quickly progressed to Managing Consultant and then Associate on the basis of excellent client service, team management and project management. One of Alastair’s particular strengths was his focus on getting the right technical solution – at the appropriate level of detail for the client requirement – and delivered to the highest presentational standards.

    — Graham Comfort - Former Partner, Deloitte —
  • I had the privilege of working with Alastair when he agreed to be a member on my Advisory Committee during the development and maturity stages of Career Coaching International (CCI), an Ottawa based career coaching firm. Alastair’s contribution to CCI was invaluable. Due to his extensive consulting experience he brought unique view(s) from the client perspective and from the management and process perspective. He was instrumental in our development. Alastair’s strategic thinking, professionalism, well developed communications skills and excellent interpersonal skills are second to none.

    — Brendan Devlin - Master Admissions Representative at Everest College Canada —
  • Alastair is a conscientious consulting partner. His focus on client delivery is first rate and all his clients are happy with the rigour of the work done, the conclusions reached and the added value that he delivers. Alastair has very exacting standards and ensures that all around him work to these standards, coaching and advising them to this end.

    — David Bailey, former Managing Vice President Hitachi Consulting UK —
  • Alastair and I worked together at MBM where he was retained to develop process improvements within the practice enabling more efficient use of resources and ultimately contributing to the bottom line. Drawing on his extensive experience from some of the large management consulting firms, Alastair adeptly grasped the issues and delivered strategic, intelligent and pragmatic solutions. He quickly established rapport with all stakeholders, including with some of the more challenging individuals and actively contributed to the organizational health of the practice. Alastair is a professional in every sense of the word and I would both welcome the opportunity to work with him again and recommend his work to others.

    — Valarie Dillon - Executive Director, Human Resources & Volunteer Services, Scouts Canada —
  • I met Alastair in June of 2010 and worked with him from then until the end of 2010. Alastair is well focused and, as a Senior Project Manager is quick to recognize issues and develop solid solutions. His ability to analyze situations and to accommodate change has kept this current project on track, on budget and on a solid delivery path. He communicates extremely well and has command over meetings. He is comfortable in his dealings with senior management and recognizes their goals and objectives in relation to the project. I would not hesitate for one moment to recommend Alastair for any senior PM position.

    — Witold Merkis - Records and Information Management Consultant, Victoria Information Systems —
  • Alastair combines rigorous analytical skill with a good strategic perspective. If you want a consultant to “rubber stamp” your project he is not your man. If you want someone who is thoroughly professional, will always act in your best interests and help your organization get things done then I can most certainly recommend him. He has a sense of humour, too, which lightens the mood on difficult or challenging projects!

    — David Lever - former Finance Professional at Ondeo Nalco —


Our Services

Our services are delivered by consultants with years of experience who are are passionate about helping you to solve your problem and achieve your goal

Operational strategy

An Operational Strategy provides the link required to ensure that all business operations are completely aligned with the organization’s strategic goals and objectives.

  • Business and Operational Modelling
  • Process Design and BPR
  • Operational Reviews (HR, Finance, IT, Call Centres)
  • Feasibility Studies and Business Case Development
  • Requirements Definition
  • IT and Other Vendor Selection

Business transformation

Transformational projects need leadership, drive, planning and organizational skills, and sound risk management.

  • Program Design
  • Set-Up and Management
  • Benefits Realization
  • Management Mentoring and Coaching
  • Facilitation and Decision Making

Independent Healthchecks

Many projects and programs fail to deliver their promised outcomes.  Independent and objective healthchecks provide early warning of problems to allow for timely remedial actions to be implemented.

  • Independent Project or Program Reviews
  • Focused Healthchecks
  • Risk Management Reviews
  • Team Assessments

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We charge for our services in a variety of ways to suit the your project and your budget



Time & Materials

From $700 per day
    • Fees based upon the time required to complete the activity
    • Historically our estimates are accurate to +/- 10%
    • Fees vary with the experience of the resources deployed

Fixed Price

for Fixed Work  
    • As it says, a fixed price for the production of agreed deliverables
    • Provides absolute certainty over the project cost
    • Might require some work up front to define scope accurately

Value Sharing

Success-related Fees  
  • Relates fees to the business value that we deliver for you
  • Ideal for cost reduction or revenue enhancement projects
  • Requires care to ensure your goals and our goals are properly aligned

Current billing rates (July 2015)


$1,600 per 7.5 hour day

Managing Consultant

$1,200 per 7.5 hour day

Senior Consultant

$900 per 7.5 hour day


$700 per 7.5 hour day

Assistant Consultant

$400 per 7.5 hour day

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Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

— Warren Buffet —

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